Robot Combat Tutorial

With the large influx of beginners and "newbies" into the sport of Combat Robotics, we at Team Saber have decided that a Robot Combat Tutorial needed to be made. Please enjoy the following links, learn as much as you can, and we look forward to fighting you at an event.

For the next few weeks, we will be adding additional sections to this tutorial, so be sure to check back regularly.

1. Starting out

Find information on how to get started in Robotic Combat: what's a must, and what's nice to have.

2. Designing your first combat robot

You know what's needed, and you're ready to start. First, the most important phase of your robot building: the design.

3. Acquiring materials (or Where to find your motors!)

Your design is finished, so now it's time to build! But first, where do you find all those pesky components? This will show you where you can look, and some tips from the veterans.

4. Your first competition

Your combat robot is done, so now it's time to destroy someone else's, or have yours destroyed by them. Some hints on making your first competition more successful.

5. Other Hints, Tips, and Info Sites

We would be amiss if we failed to give information about other great Hints, Tips, and Info sites on Robotic Combat.

6. Robotic Combat Glossary

A glossary of most terms related to Robot Combat.

If you have any suggestions for additional entries, please e-mail us at