Other notable sites

There are many other Robotic Combat sites that have much information for the beginner, as well as the veteran.

Team Delta's Top Ten Questions

A wonderful site for the beginner, with many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answered by a proven veteran of Robotic Combat, Team Delta. A definate read.

Christian Carlburg's Cool Robots Builder's Corner

Absolutely excellent site. Great for the complete novice to the more experienced competitor. This is a must read!

Team Spike's Tips

Good source of information on chassis design, drivetrains, weapons, and a good source of information on how robots lose. You should read this when designing your robot.

RobotCombat.com's Battle Robot Tips

FAQ listing and construction tips from Jim Smentowski, a Robotic Combat veteran. Don't miss the link page, as it is the most comprehensive link page we know of.

Grayson's Hints

Good information for the beginner.

How to Build a BattleBot

Good list of links and information of internal combustion engines provided by Team SLAM. If you're planning on running with an IC engine, this is a must read.