Robotics Links


Name Synopsys
BattleBots (TM) Premier Robotic Combat Event shown on Comedy Central
TC MechWars Large competition held at St. Paul, MN


Name Synopsys
BattleBots (TM) Forum A forum to discuss the event, as well as progress reports on the robots planning to attend.
Robot Wars (TM) Forum A forum to discuss the event and general robotic combat information.
Robot Rumbles Forum A forum to discuss the Canadian Event in Windsor, near Detroit, MI.
Society of Robot Combat Forum A forum to discuss the rules, upcoming events, and construction hints.
Yahoo! BEAM Robotics Forum Good talk about BEAM, with a nice selection of photos as well!
Yahoo! Robotics Club Forum Large group of enthuseists.

Combative Robotics

Name Synopsys
Society of Robotic Combat (SORC) Non-profit organization supporting robot builders. Look here for rules for SORC sanctioned events.

Carlberg Creations Site of Christian Carlberg's combat robots. Excellent pictures!
InfernoLab Jason Bardis' robotic creations, including Dr. Inferno, The Missing Link, and others.
Puppetmaster Robotics Home of Dozer.
Team Delta Great site with LOTS of building tips.
Team Duct Tape Gotta love their name!
Team Fallout Chicago area team
Team Hercules Another Excellent site with Robot Wars (TM) and other Robotic Combat history, upcoming events, and cool robots!
Team Minus Zero Home of Frenzy!
Team Saber Home of Endotherm and Fusion.
Team Sinister Home of The Master, Snake and Mechadon.
Team Smashy Canadian Team that designed Son of Smashy, a winner at Battlebots.
Team Spike Excellent site with lots of Robot Wars (TM) and other Robotic Combat information, plus cool robots!
Team Wolfguard 20 pound walker design!
Wedge of Doom Proven 25 pound champion.

Robotic Sumo

Name Synopsys
Western Canadian Robot Games Sumo Rules for the WCRG robot sumo contest.
FSI All-Japan Robot-Sumo Rules Official Japanese Robot-Sumo rules.
Thunder Bay Amateur Robotics Society Robo Sumo Rules A set of Robot Sumo rules for their competition.


Name Synopsys
BotBash Maze Rules (PAReX Ruleset) A set of maze solving rules for the BotBash Competition

BEAM Robotics

Name Synopsys
BEAM-Online BEAM robotics info and pictures.
Chiu-Yuan Fang's BEAM Robotics Lots of information on BEAM robots, plenty of pictures as well.
Western Canadian Robot Games BEAM SolarRoller Race Rules for the WCRG BEAM SolarRoller contest.


Name Synopsys
Central Illinois Robotics Club (CIRC) Hosts many competitions, including Line following and Sumo.
Peoria, IL
Chicago Area Robotics Group (CARG) New group now forming.
Chicago area, IL
Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DRPG) Large club with lots of information. Check out their robot contests!
Dallas, TX
Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) Lots of information on personal robotics.
Seattle, WA


Name Synopsys
Albion Heavy-duty wheels/casters, Team Saber Choice Supplier!
Bimba Manufacturing Company Manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders.
G&G Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer of sprockets and pulleys.
Grainger Industrial Supplier
KCI Manufacturer of carbon-fiber weave and other composites.
Lynxmotion Hobby robotics supplier.
MSC Industrial Supplier, Team Saber Choice Supplier!
Stock Drive Products Manufacturer of sprockets, chain, gears, pulleys, and belts.
W. M. Berg Another manufacturer of sprockets, chain, gears, pulleys, and belts. Has a clearance section for good deals!